Enhancing Dairy Service Delivery

Our mission is to enhance diary service delivery to all our economically active Farmers by increasing on milk production among farmers and extend credit opportunities and income for all their families in order to fight against poverty


Our Services

The Dairy currently provides market for milk for the farmers,  sells to Amos diaries limited. Paul and Farmers Dairy Solutions will be processing the following products in the future:


Healthy and tasty drinking yoghurt for our dynamic world. Drinking yoghurts are perfect for busy lifestyles.

Milk Powder

Milk Powder offers the smooth flavor of fresh milk with the versatility of being ready when you need it.

Processed Milk

This milk is treated to high temperatures and then rapidly cooled to kill the bacteria and spores in the milk.

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Dairy Suppplied
Who We Are

Our Values.

The Paul and farmer’s dairy solutions values include Transparency (no secrecy concerning information that benefits the dairy), Confidentiality (do not disclose dairy information to third parties without authorization),Efficiency(management to exhibit all the skills required in performance of their duties) integrity (truthful, accountable), respect (equality, dignity), excellence (highest standards), flexibility (interactive); safety and security (protect your funds and personal information).

How We Work

We are Self-Driven.

We are fundamentally committed to serving our farmers, who are our foundation, by providing the highest standard of individualized service, always placing farmers first. 

We recognize the importance of listening closely to our farmers and communities to better understanding their unique requirements, anticipating their needs and providing creative solutions. 

We have 6 years experience in providing Dairy Solutions.

Paul and Farmers Dairy Solutions  was established in 2018 by the Babigaya Paul and some famers  around Rushaka III   Ibanda  in 2018.


Paul and Farmers Dairy Solutions has a strong partnership with Amos Dairies Limited.


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